Agile in Perspective

Jane Lee,  Owner/President, UNICON International Inc.

Agile is the newest up and coming practice in terms of methodologies. We have personally applied Agile within our practice and have seen results. Our personal experience has led us to believe that Agile promotes Teamwork, efficiency and productivity. We have actually seen the advantages first hand from a managerial point of view.

We support Agile in Taiwan because Taiwan is close to my heart, it is the country that I was born in. Taiwan is advanced in the hardware side of technology and Agile presents an opportunity for growth in software development.

We would like to help spread the word about what a positive impact Agile can have in development. As is the case in success with anything, the results come from actually applying the methodology, not just the implementation. Agile can bring positive results when it is applied consistently. We have personally seen it happen.
Richard Johnston,  Director of IT Services
Agile promotes close communication. We needed to mitigate distance for our project and we wanted a way to visually show our customer results. Agile encourages frequent communication and helps avoid miscommunication as well as cost of rework. You can meet a letter of requirements without meeting the clients’ needs and this helps to close that gap. Agile provides a visual, a look and feel especially for people who are not tech savvy. Tangible results can be reviewed earlier reducing surprises.
Tim Wu, Tech Lead

Agile improves the transparency of a project. The project manager can easily control the progress of the project. He/she can know exactly what each team member is doing at all times. It also makes you become closer as a team. It gives you elasticity and allows you to closely manage the client content team expectation. Agile allows for adjustments along the way.

candi rai,
Apr 24, 2013, 2:32 PM