The Agile Path - In sync with the World!
【Interaction ∣ Collaboration ∣ Innovation】

The first Taiwan Agile International Conference will be held at Taipei GIS NTU Convention Center on June 20, 2013.

Recently Agile has undoubtedly become the favorite methodology by many major corporations worldwide for creating competitive advantages through increasing its ability to produce timely and quality product. Taiwan, as a player in this highly competitive marketplace, must be in sync with the world by moving toward the proven path of agility. This conference will discuss how to effectively apply Agile to software development, as well as share experiences and results of Agile transformation.

No matter if you are an individual wanting to better your skills, an organization needing to improve your production efficiency, or a corporation attempting to strengthen your competitiveness and increasing client satisfaction, the Taiwan Agile International Conference is one of the events you do not want to miss! We strongly believe that through experience sharing and discussion, we not only grow together to better meet our respective objectives, but also rapidly catch up with the best practices of the world. Through our continued efforts and innovation, we can then set the tone and lead the trend in the future.

The vision, mission and goals of the Taiwan Agile International Conference are as follows:

  • Vision
    • Promote Taiwan as one of the world leading IT countries
  • Mission
    • Unleash Taiwan's competitive advantages and capabilities in software development
  • Goals
    • Increase understanding and usage of Agile methodology
    • Exchange experiences in Agile transformation and practices
    • Develop/grow Taiwan Agile community

We sincerely welcome all individuals, organizations, corporations and students who have an interest in learning more about the principles and practices of Agile to join us for this meaningful conference!